How can I model new security types in my portfolio and deploy to production without requiring a long development cycle?


Each time new security types are added to a portfolio, risk managers need to decide what risk model to use, configure that model with proper inputs, validate the results and then release it to production before those securities begin flowing through to risk reports. This cycle typically requires a risk analyst to determine the appropriate risk model and all of the required data inputs. Although these can be tested in RiskManager, the requirements usually need to go through a development cycle each time new security types need to be included in the automated process for loading the formatted input file into RiskManager.


Red Swan’s Map Editor allows risk analysts to test new models on any security type without needing to do any development work or generating a formatted input file. Mapping rules can be tested and validated in RiskManager all from this one tool. Once the results are validated and accepted, the new project file can simply be added to the production cycle without need for any development.


Risk analysts and managers are in complete control of the modeling decisions and avoid delays from long development cycles. This means risk reports are much more easily and reliably maintained without any gaps in security coverage.