Red Swan Utilities
Custom tools for managing source files, post processing RML position files, reading log files and executing web service commands.
"Because we know it's always the little things that kill your implementation."

Software / Utilities

RM Log Processing

  • Makes log files easier to use
  • Converts XML log files to CSV
  • Enriches log file with easy to read message labels

Source Data Pre Processing

  • LookUp, Select, Group and Filter Data
  • Add/Concatenate Columns
  • Union of two or more text files

RML Post Processing

  • Alter RML Content (edit RML fields, Put/Call or Sink Schedules, Cash flows)
  • Delete RML content
  • Combine RML from two or more RML files into one position file
  • Convert RML to CSV (risk statistics and simulated returns)

RM Web Services Commands

  • Enrich/Add Positions
  • Upload/List/Delete Portfolio
  • Manage RML Query
  • Analyze Risk of Portfolio

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