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Simple, Easy & Reliable method for managing risk models:

  • Precision & Control for Sophisticated Risk Modeling

    • Fine grained filtering for assigning risk models to position groups
    • Ability to create over-rides for any market data based on user defined rules
    • Create calculated fields using expressions to modify source fields
    • Create global custom buckets across all mapping rules, with ability to over-ride any custom bucket for any rule
    • Apply post-processing to RML files to handle sinking schedules, prepayment model vectors, cashflows, etc.
  • Working with model schemas is simple and easy

    • Complete schema for every RiskMetrics model preloaded
    • All required fields highlighted
    • Intuitive Colors and Icons definitions for identifying all mapped items
    • Scroll over definitions included for each field
    • Auto-detect model schema changes that apply to mapping rules
    • Link to research technical notes for each model
  • Save time and reduce errors at the source

    • Simple drag & drop source field names into schema or choose from the drop down list of all source fields, calculated fields, LookUps, use a constant, or form an expression
    • Apply changes to Calculated Fields and Global Custom Buckets across all rules at once
    • Map file is automatically translated into a properly formed RML output file
    • Mapping rules can be copied, exported or imported
    • Built-in validation tools test for all required fields
    • Complete mapping rule documentation is automatically generated
    • RML file automatically uploaded to RiskManager

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